Feel Good Food

mouth watering goodness!

What if you could stay healthy and help protect the planet, by having delicious plant-based food?

Let’s make it happen

Feel Good Food is an Athens based startup, offering sustainable food catering services.

good food is good mood

How it works

Weekly menus

We’ll release different menus of plant based meals each week, created with your nutritional health and enjoyment in mind.

Order your meal

Let us know about your order up until 2 days before delivery so that we can prepare your lunch in a way that minimises food waste.

Dig in & enjoy

Your lunchbox will arrive to your workplace at an allocated time slot, ready for you to dig in. Don’t forget to check what’s in the lunchbox tray!

Lunchbox collection

When you’re done, just place the closed lunch box in the agreed pick up location for us to collect, clean and serve the next delicious meal in.

How are we sustainable?

Our priorities are to serve you tasty, nutritious and affordable food while minimising waste and carbon emissions.

Plant-based, vegan food that tastes like heaven and has the lowest environmental impact. All true!

We prepare our food to match the people we deliver to. No more, no less.

And we use steel lunch-boxes which we collect and clean for the next delicious meal to be served in.

Yup, no carbon emissions here. Big lungs and strong legs will bring you your lunch on time. Every time.

We aim to empower you to make sustainable food choices beyond the office, by providing reliable information on the environmental impact of food in a way that’s easy to digest.

Carbon emission scores of meals

coming soon

Hungry yet?